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—— 可持续建筑环境——语言学习


Coming to Britain, students are full of expectations for English language learning. Good interaction and discussion with teachers in English culture courses have greatly improved the oral and listening abilities of members of the practice team.

“What is the UK?”老师以提问的方式引其起同学们的思考。老师首先播放了一个英国历史的视频,从视频中我们可以看出英国历史上的演变与发展,老师也逐一讲解,从罗马时期开始,涉及每一个阶段,直到如今的联合王国,为我们生动地展现了英国的历史与发展。看完视频,老师又为我们讲解当今英国的形势以及近几年来的发展与变化,然后又为我们展现了一幅英国版图,并给出一些点和城市的名字,让我们将其匹配。

“What is the UK?” The teacher led out the topic of this lesson by asking questions. The teacher first played a video of British history. From the video we can see the evolution and development of British history. The teacher also explained one by one. From the Roman period to the present United Kingdom, it covered every stage and vividly showed us the history and development of Britain. After watching the video, the teacher explained to us the current situation in Britain and the development and changes in recent years. Then, he showed us a map of Britain and gave us some points and city names to match.


When you come to England, of course, shopping is indispensable. The teacher first introduced us to some British gifts and gave us some definitions of shopping degree, then gave pictures of goods and vocabulary. After group discussion, we correctly matched them and learned many new vocabulary and usage as well as some proper nouns. Next, the teacher showed us a map of downtown Reading and introduced each item that can be bought one by one. Then,the teacher asked the students to work in groups of two, one with his back to the blackboard, and the teacher played the video and asked the students facing the blackboard to describe it to the other. This greatly trained our oral   and picture-drawing ability.

 “What is west?”老师用这个问题引出了接下来的话题:An introduction to western reasoning and how it will help your academic and life skills。老师逐一解释了vocabulary task上的词语并逐一举了例子让我们初步了解了英国的语言文化和英国语言文化的起源,紧接着老师通过介绍古希腊苏格拉底,柏拉图,亚里士多德等大哲学家的思想介绍了早期西方哲学和西方逻辑推理的诞生。然后老师介绍了思维地理学,让我们明白了英国文化是怎样影响学术和生活的。

“What is west?” The teacher used this question to lead to the theme of the lesson: introduction to western creation and how it will help you. The teacher explained the words on VOCULARY TASK one by one and gave examples one by one to give us a preliminary understanding of the English language and culture and the origin of English language and culture. Then the teacher introduced the early western philosophy and the birth of western logical reasoning by introducing the thoughts of ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Then the teacher introduced the geography of thinking, which made us understand how English culture affects academic and life.


What follows is about British food. When you talk about British food, what comes to mind? Is it fish and chips? Or stargazing pie? Brian introduced us to British food in his own humorous way. The most famous is, of course, fish and chips. Large pieces of cod are floured and Fried until golden. Served with chips, peas and marmalade or tomato sauce, British national cuisine has its unique charm, which can be displayed in street stalls or restaurants. Besides, there are many special foods in Britain. Salty dishes include Yorkshire pudding, Sunday roasts, vegetarian rolls, meringue, apple pie, and so on. Sweet ones such as scones, strawberry cream, afternoon refreshments, buttered finger cakes, etc. Brian also introduced the English breakfast: a croissant, toast, boiled beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, bacon and English morning tea. Such a balanced nutrition and quality of breakfast, can also make a day full of vitality. In addition, Scotland, Ireland and wales also have their own special cuisine. Although Britain is known as the dark culinary capital, there's plenty of food in this country.

Brian对于英国的天气进行了介绍,并讲解了很多相关的谚语,这真的非常有意思。例如“It’s raining cats and dogs.”意思就是“下着倾盆大雨。” 而”A storm in a teacup.”意思则是“小题大做”或者表示这个事情“不值一提”。天气在英国也是一个闲聊时的话题,大家往往以天气开场,从而使聊天开始进行。通过谈论天气来打招呼可以使气氛轻松而不尴尬,这样的方式在中国文化也有体现。伦敦是出名的雾都,与重庆很相似。英国地处半岛,属于温带海洋性气候,夏天气候凉爽,阴雨绵绵。因此英国人也常常以“太阳是个UFO”来自我调侃。

On Friday, the last day of the class, Brian gave a talk about the weather in Britain and explained a lot of proverbs about it. It was really interesting. For example, "It's raining cats and dogs." that means "Rain heavily" And "A storm in A teacup." it means “Don't worry about little things”. The weather is also a topic of conversation in Britain. People often start a conversation with the weather. Greeting people by talking about the weather can make the atmosphere relaxed without embarrassment, which is also reflected in Chinese culture. London is a famous foggy city, similar to Chongqing. Britain is located in the peninsula, belongs to the temperate Marine climate, summer climate cool, rainy. As a result, the British often use the phrase "the sun is a UFO" to make fun of themselves.


After introducing the weather, Brian gave us a quiz to verify our learning gains. From scenic spots to historical celebrities, from geographical knowledge to food culture... We learned a lot and gained a lot. We also really recognized the fascinating culture of Britain and made a distinction between Chinese culture and British culture. Such a course that broadens our horizon is of great benefit to us.



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